60’s Vintage Eames DCM Molded Plywood Chair for Herman Miller

60’s Vintage Eames DCM Molded Plywood Chair for Herman Miller

We’re offering two original vintage Eames designed DCM molded plywood chairs. You have the option to purchase one or both at checkout. These have not been restored or altered, expect age appropriate wear from use.

These were originally purchased from the same estate,  the owner said he had them for many years.

There are some surface indentations such as surface scuffs and scratches along with a few chips on the edge of the plywood, the wood edge is smooth and did not snag when dusting. The shockmounts appear to be snug and in good condition. The glides are all intact and free of breaks. All wear is indicative to use for furniture from this era and does  not detract from the overall appearance.

Height 29.25” x 19.5″ Width x  21.5” Depth

Seat Height

Click the link provided to get a retrospective look at just what makes an Eames chair an Eames chair. https://eames.com/en/articles/eameschair

Plywood DCM Chair https://eames.com/en/dcm

One of the chairs has a patent label dated from 1959-1962 along with the Herman Miller Silver Medal dated 1956-1965. The other chair does not have a patent label and has only a sign of where the label once was. See Eames Labels and stamps https://eames.com/en/articles/labels-stamps

The 4th Generation (Herman miller 3rd generation) nylon glides help narrow down the manufacturing date of these chairs. The nylon glides were used between the 60’s through the 80’s which would date these chairs no earlier than the 60’s and no later than 1965 according to the patent dates and manufacturing label.

Local pick-up east of Kansas City in Blue Springs Mo. Curbside delivery is available for a small fee within the Kansas City area. Please read return and shipping policy prior to purchase. Shipping cost is not free and is not included in the purchase price. As a courtesy to our clients we are willing to help coordinate shipping arrangements.

Return policy

We do offer refunds on a case by case basis; no refund will be given if you just happen to change your mind about your purchase. All items are described in detail, however; if something is overlooked please be sure to contact us within 7 days if there happens to be a flaw that wasn’t disclosed in a description, otherwise a return will not be accepted. The buyer pays for return shipping. A refund will be sent as long as item is returned intact as it was when item was shipped.


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Charles Eames DCM for Herman Miller Chair

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