Coffee Table With Some Hi-Fi

This was Motorola’s 1960’s version of a coffee table. “It’s a bona fide stereo hi-fi and comes with AM/FM radio to boot!” That is exactly what they advertised in their marketing ad. This was available in white as well as the 2- tone brown Model SK-99RB-T Ser # A47032. The suggested retail price back then was $169.00.

We stumbled upon this a few years ago when we were picking up a Leslie Diamond dining set, making this yet another unexpected find. It was in a barn that was set up like no other… a real “Man Cave”! I pointed and said, “I want that!” So… we struck a deal and loaded it right up with the dining set. I have been wanting to throw this out to all of you, but not in the original condition (that just wouldn’t be right). As you can see, the exterior needed some fixing and cleaning up. Many projects later…here you are!

We removed the old tattered fabric (which had seen better days) and replaced it with the brilliant orange fabric that you see now. I personally think the gold that is woven throughout gives it a 60’s feel. We decided to finish it up by adding some trim around the inside edge to pull it altogether (not sure if there was any trim on it originally), we figured that would also help to keep the fabric secure.  Sadly…the Motorola emblem that was attached to the front could not be salvaged.

All four legs were tarnished terribly. If you look at the before photos, you will see that only two of the legs were cleaned (I lost focus, was slightly side-tracked). However, the cleaning products I have been using are simply amazing and I can’t wait to share them with you (to be mentioned in a later post).

Okay… I know you’re wanting to know if this stereo works! YES!  This does work, and I can honestly say the turntable was working without issue until I decided to stack a few records. You see, I played a complete album and thought, “hmmm… I wonder if this will drop records individually if I stack a few?” Legit question, right? Well, that’s what our turntable does (with ease I might say) and it would be great if this did too! Unfortunately, it only played the first record that dropped. The tone arm started at the second song on the next album. Now the tone arm will not stay on the record, as it keeps rejecting and landing on the second song. I am sure there was something triggered when the records were stacked, a turntable dilemma. This will need a little tinkering (I recommend asking a professional) or you could drop in an updated turntable and be done with it. The stereo sounds great either way and this will be one amazing conversation piece in your home or office.

This was designed at 16” high so that it could easily be placed in front of a low window. With an exterior that is finished on all 4 sides and 50” long it is the perfect size to place in front of your sofa and utilize as a coffee table… the choice is yours! I must say this design was a brilliant idea!  This is yet another fabulous furnishing that I wish we could just keep and enjoy!  Someone is going to be lucky!

If you’re thinking you might want to purchase this (it is available in our shop) and need it shipped we are always happy to help through the shipping process. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Be sure to read our shipping policy prior to purchasing. Local pick-up is welcome near Kansas City and as a courtesy we provide curbside delivery for a small fee within the KC area.

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